Struggle during Javascript challenges

Hi All - Last month, i started learning more about javascript and found the freecodecamp site. I already know some HTML and CSS and understand JS concepts. I think my issue is approaching a problem and how problem to solve it.

For example, Im doing the Basic Javascript and i was able to breeze thru about 80/111 of the challenges with minimum help. But when it came to the “Counting cards” challenge, i was stuck on how to approach it. Eventually, i peak at the solution and the approach with the switch statement made sense.

My question is, should go back in revisit the early concepts again? or should i move forward and continue other challenges?

One way or another i’m looking to learn Js, so any advise is appreciated. Ty

Hi @jfr7!

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It is normal to struggle with javascript.

I would only revist certain concepts that pertain to the challenge.
You could also do external sources like mdn docs.
That will come in handy when you get to the algorithm challenges.

You could also reach out to the forum when you get stuck.


The difficulty of learning and applying these concepts will sometimes increase significantly. That’s normal.


This is why engineering is more like 10-30% coding.

First, you have to understand the problem very well.
This is where many beginners bail out.

They start doing “something”, so they can check their “At least I did something”-checkmark.

But this also creates the “I am dumb, I am slow”-frustration.

Coding is literally just the translation from human-readable Pseudo Code to machine-readable code.

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