Failing to progress

Hi all

I’ve been learning JS with freeCodeCamp and this is the first time I am ever dabbling in code. Feeling quite demotivated today because it seems every time a more challenging task comes up, I can’t solve it.

For both "Stand in Line"and “Counting cards” i was completely off track with my attempt. Maybe it just feels like I am not good at this because all the other tasks so far seemed so easy going.

Anyways, will keep updating my progress here. Not ready to give up just yet

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That’s OK. It’s perfectly fine to look at the solution if you’ve given it an honest attempt. A lot of times it’s more helpful to look at the solution after trying and moving on then getting stuck on one problem. When you look at a solution just keep in mind how it was done so that it can help you in future problems.

And if you ever have a question about a particular challenge, post here and I’m sure someone will help you out! :grinning:

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JavaScript will become more challenging as you go and it’s normal! Just make sure you understand what they are trying to teach you. Try to use other resources to help you along the way. Personally, I like watching youtube videos or reading guides/tutorials about the subject. For example, Stand in Line, I would search about “queue abstract Data Structure”.

Keep it up!

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Life will always bow to the person who doesn’t give up. Every programmer have, at a point in time in their coding challenge experience this. Just keep trying.

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You can re-frame the “I can’t solve it” to “I can’t solve it yet”. Sometimes, it’s a matter of time.

The more difficult the challenge, the more you’ll gain from it. At times, if the task is easy, it’s likely that you are not in the zone in which your progress is high.

It’s great that you’re not giving up. Good luck.

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I was there as well. There’s always something that will stump you in programming. Right now, I’m on one of the last few intermediate algorithms (nearing the end of the course) and the structure and syntax looks completely foreign to me. I felt that way in the earlier challenges as well, but you overcome it, because you’ll keep at it until you do. That’s engineering and programming, because this is all about solving problems and getting things to work.

It’s part unfamiliarity with the syntax, part unfamiliarity with solving algorithms/data structures. Believe in yourself, and remove the doubt. Those that fail and give up only help you, since they remove themselves from the job pool! Take solace in that and keep going.

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Thank you everyone for responding. Its so great to have this support here. I definitely got the encouragement I needed