Feeling demotivated

I started learning java script 1.5 month ago. I am currently on freecodecamp basic algorithm problem. But cannot solve continue 4 problems. I need to take some help to solve this. cannot solve problems all by myself. Please someone tell me am I need to restudy previous chapters. I am feeling very demotivated right now

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Don’t give up! The Javascript certificate it’s really hard, but with enough dedication you will succeed. I suggest you read this open source book while trying because it will help you understand things better (check the readme, you can read it for free). If in problems, don’t hesitate to you the Hint Button.

I struggled with that certificate for 2 months, just give yourself time to understand.


Programming. Is. Hard.

As you gain experience, it becomes hard in differentI ways, but programming is hard to learn and hard to do. Struggling is not a sign of failure.

For some motivation and perspective, I recommend reading Quincy’s article One Does Not Simply Learn To Code.


Like @LoneWanderer mentioned with the open source books. You will need to spend a considerable amount of time outside of FCC learning. There are tons of great free and low cost resources. Depends on the best way YOU learn. Book, videos, projects…“D”, all the above? Udemy is a great resource for video. If you wait long enough and sign up for notifications, you should never have to pay over $9.99 (or now maybe $11.99). Check the reviews closely and look at the content. Some great JS and many more courses.


I just finished the JavaScript section after about a month and a half, and it can be quite difficult.

Two resources helped me out a lot: this forum, and Google.

Whenever I was really stuck on a problem, or just needed clarification on something, I asked a question here, and fellow coders replied with very helpful answers.

Usually though, I went straight to Google and tried to find examples of the problem I was facing, or hints for solving it.

For example, with the Caesar’s Cipher algorithm, I did about an hour of reading about how it worked, and then the beginning of a solution just popped into my head.

If you’re having trouble, you can also just click “Get a Hint” and use as many hints as you need to get going. You should come up with the final solution by yourself, but if you’re really stuck, just look at the solution and do your best to understand it. It’s better to understand it than spend days trying to figure it out, but do your best.

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You can solve them, and will. You just haven’t yet…

The thing that helps me is to break down the algorithm into steps and then just think about what I need to write to make the computer do the next smallest step possible.

Even the most complicated systems are built from lots of small steps.