Just finished my Local Weather App - maybe some feedback? :)

Hello peeps, I finally managed to finish the Local Weather App. From all the intermediate JS projects this one seemed the most interesting :slight_smile: I’d appreciate some feedback, especially for ways to use AJAX requests that works both on HTTP and HTTPS as it was (and still is) an issue.
I’m using github pages as personally think that CodePen is not the best option for full websites because of the restrictions to 1 html, 1 css and 1 js file. I know you can link to external files, but then you need to find a way to host them, etc… and finally when it comes to e.g. running your application in Chrome you learn that Chrome no longer allows geolocation on sites using an insecure HTTP protocol… If you learn how to use github (and you must, if you are really serious about getting into programming professionally) it’s just way much faster and all of these headaches aren’t an issue :slight_smile:

Link to my final app - https://twasilonek.github.io/local-weather-app/

Appreciate your feedback!


Very nice. Two minor things: you misspelled “Celsius”, and if you deny location access and then start switching between F and C you’ll see “NaN C” etc.

I think the value of Codepen is in being able to quickly view and modify (temporarily) somebody else’s code, so it’s better for people looking for feedback on guts of their application. HTTPS isn’t really an issue, because you can access codepen over HTTPS as well, and then stuff works :wink:

Thanks @foresterr.
I will need to look into tackling with these grades display issues.

As for CodePen over HTTPS I didn’t know that, will need to search for that feature…

It’s not a feature you need to turn on somewhere - just type the codepen address with https instead of http and it will work (and prevent the insecure origin problems). A browser extension like “HTTPS everywhere” should make it easier.

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Looks nice. Another thing I noticed is that when you click on Fahrenheit, the min and max temperatures remain Celsius.

hmm @crownedjitter, that shouldn’t happen… can you specify when you saw that exactly?

By the way, you can link a file from github repository using rawgit. I tried it with css just out of curiosity, and it worked. (you need to copy url of your raw file on github, then go to rawgit, paste it and use a link they give)

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Thanks @foresterr, I will check it next time :slight_smile:

@TWasilonek You can see in this screenshot. I’ve chosen Fahrenheit but temperature min and temperature max still display Celsius.

Great! That’s the kind of tip I was looking for :slight_smile: I will check it soon and see if it works, thanks @svmi3195!

ahh ok, that’s my mistake, will fix it in the coming days. Thanks for pointing that to me @crownedjitter!

look nice, but i think it will be nice if you mention the image source :slight_smile: what kind of API for the image that you use btw?

Yeah, I forgot to mention it. I’m using https://unsplash.com/. If you are looking for high-res, good quality images that you can use however, you want it’s a good place to start. They don’t have a very huge library right now but for my personal projects I always find something that suits me :slight_smile:

Maybe set up the fahrenheit to round down to just a few places after the decimal. But I guess that is more of an esthetic. Otherwise, I think it looks great.

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Thanks @teethnclaws, hahah that’s a weird bug, I wasn’t expecting it :slight_smile: Will fix the rounding this weekend along with the other bugs

Ok, All bugs with Celsius and Fahrenheit seem to be fixed now. Thank you guys!

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