Just finished website for a friend, please send your feedback


My friend is just starting a business and I decided to help him, and myself out by creating a website for him. I would be very grateful if you could check it out and provide your feedback. I am an aspiring front-end developer and would like to put it in my portfolio.

Website is: Link to website

Thank you all in advance

Marek M.


Hi @MarekMac !

I think your page looks good.

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Hi @jwilkins.oboe,

Thank you very much. I appreciate your feedback!

hello @MarekMac Excellent work! It looks great even in a mobile device.


Thank you very much @AndyG

I don’t see anything that could be improved. :slight_smile:

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Thank you @BurningQuestion for checking it out. Appreciate your feedback

your website is pretty neat!

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Hey Mike,
I’m pretty new in Coding and website creation (just learning at Freecodecamp) but from my position as a layman, I would say that your website looks professional and trustworthy. Just don’t forget to remove the dummy texts :upside_down_face:.

Kind regards

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Thank you @animyos_fox,

Just waiting for them to provide text and will replace it right away
Happy coding :slight_smile:

I would:

  • use container class on nav content rather than container-fluid to align it with the rest of the content, when aligning your content with bootstrap a good rule of thumb is the following html structure for all content:
   <div class='container'>
      <div class='row'>
         <div class='col-sm-12'>
           // content
  • the arrows on the carousel are white on a white background, change the color of these to make them visible
  • left align the nav links on the mobile nav menu, they look a bit weird centered
  • when you hover the professional services images they raise as though indicating they’re clickable links - make a page for each service that gives more info on the service or remove this hover effect
  • the maps api at the bottom of the homepage - add a marker to show the location of the business
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Hi @miketandy,

Wow that’s a great list of advices. All on point, I will definitely make each change today. Thank you so much

That looks very professional.

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Website is good. A little advice : how about a Scroll to Top arrow element which shows up once user scroll past certain point?

Hi @alexfkaprosy, Thank you very much!

Hi @Rickard, Thank you for checking and suggestion. I was thinking about it, but actually my main goal there was to get the protentional client to fill out form and send over appointment schedule request. There are 3 points leading to it, so I think that’s enough :slight_smile:

Hi @MarekMac your page is great. I love it.

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You did a great job. Looks great. I’m using my cell phone to view and it looks perfect!

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Hi @amazonqueen,

Thank you very much! I used the “mobile-first” approach. appreciate your comment

Amazing website :slight_smile: @MarekMac

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