Jwt.verify() broken?

Hey guys, I have had working code for the last year and a half and now all of my protected routes don’t work anymore with the token generated.

jet.verify() is returning undefined and when I try to copy my token into jwt.io, it now shows invalid signature. What am I doing wrong??

// Middleware to check token in header
const jwtVerify = (req, res) => {
	jwt.verify(req.headers.token, process.env.PASSWORD, (err, _payload) => {
		if (err) {
			err.status = 401
			err.message = `Unauthorized - You are not Chizette!`
			return next(err);
		} else {
			req.payload = _payload

EDIT: Nevermind, doesn’t work what I just tried.

Solved. This code is fine and works. I can absolutely help anyone with custom auth if they want with Node! I was passing an object as the token instead of a string within that object.