Kickstarter: Font Awesome 5 Early Backer Price Cut in Half

Hello everyone,

Just read on Hacker News today about Font Awesome 5 coming out in May 2017. They launched a Kickstarter campaign, and while Font Awesome 5 will be free for everyone when released, there will also be a Pro version you can pay for and get more features including:

1000+ more icons than Free version
SVG icon framework
Icon Font Ligatures

If you back it while in Kickstarter you can get a Personal / Small Business License for $40, but the Early Backer price is $20. This price reduction goes away about 64 hours from the time of this post. There are other pledges you can make for swag, corporate use, or even have them put in custom logos (including company logos). You can get more details in the link below.


Hey thanks for posting this!

I was just on their site the other day, but didn’t see any announcement (I usually go right to the icons page) - I likely wouldn’t have visited again for months and missed out.

Just took advantage of the early backer opportunity. I’ve been using FA for several years on a project of mine and it’s been invaluable. I definitely like to support a project where I can and this one has certainly been worth it to me!

And wow is Dave Gandy getting some support! His goal was $30,000 to back the project and he’s already over $86K. Good for him!


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This video kicks ass. Glad to see the campaign already succeeded.

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Bumping this for everyone who hasn’t took advantage of the deal yet - $20 for lifetime access is a steal.

Plus the more people who back the more rewards everyone gets, win win!

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