Labels and inputs are not rezising appropriately

While working in the second project of the Web responsiveness course I stumbled upon a roadblock.

[Codepen of the project] (

When rezising the page, the labels and input text always overflow, no matter what I do. I already tried creating a flexbox container out of the div that holds both the label and the inputs, and to no avail. Any help is dearly appreciated. Ty in advance.

Your label tag is not implemented correctly. There is only a opening tag, no closing tag, no “for” attribute. What I think you want as the label is in a “p” tag.

See for more info on the “label” tag:

Hey! So I fixed what you mentioned about the "label tags using as a reference the link you sent, all of them are closed and using their corresponding “for” attribute. However this hasn’t solved the problem of the text of the labels not wrapping as the page gets smaller. :frowning:

I managed to solve the problem. In case anyone else is facing it, it came down to specifying the max-width of the element containing the labels and inputs. Hope this helps

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