Landing page feedback!

Hi there,

I’m brand new here and I’ve just finished a product landing page. If anyone has any feedback I’d greatly appreciate it :slight_smile:

** especially with @media queries and how to make it mobile friendly. **

Here is the link:

So off the bat a few things I noticed that you can do /learn about without focusing too much on your design (since i feel like that will improve with time)

  1. Collapsible navbars for when you’re on smaller screens, at the moment your menu just squishes together.

  2. using bootstrap 3/4 or css grid box to help with your layout and responsiveness on smaller screens. Tons of beginner videos on youtube.

  3. A simple way to make box borders look neater is through the box shadow css property, those 3 boxes of yours look bland. but there are other ways, just fool around with some css properties or alternatively copy what other sites do (that you think are cool)

  4. Add in some hover/scroll effects for example hovering over a navbar menu item increases the size slightly, or if you click a menu item it slowly scrolls you to the designated section (albeit i dont know how familiar you are with jquery)

  1. When you click on the navbar links, the page does not take into account the size of the navbar when it jumps to a different part of the page. For example if you click the ‘About Us’ link you cannot read the text in that section as it is under the navbar.

  2. Your main image is either not the right width, or is off center as there is a bar of white space to the right of it.

  3. Some of the elements move offscreen or become cluttered when the page width is decreased. This particularly effects the About Us and Pricing sections. Think about using Media Queries to adjust both the dimensions and placement of items in these sections to ensure they remain readble on smaller screens.

Hope this helps.

Hi, great page. I’m new to this so I am not able to offer any constructive criticism, but I wanted to share a link that helped me understand media queries. I hope it helps!