Landing Page How to fix my navbar to stop overlap the other context,

The menu nav-bar its supper weird, when we scroll down we can notice that he overlap the other text for the website, how I can fix this please? Thanks!

Its because of your style in the #header selector. You have position: fixed so that nav is going to follow the screen. You get rid of that then it doesnt follow the screen. I did not look at all of your code, so if some elements in that #header selector do need to be fixed then you have to find another way to target those elements without targeting the nav.

I inspected the project and the header has also position fixed, im really newbie at CSS at and a bit confused with this how to fix it .

Look at your html. Find the header id you are using. Your nav is inside that header, does everything in that header selector inside your html need to have a fixed position? If they dont need a fixed position then just get rid of that style in your css.

Yes i want that the whole header has a fixed position (the image and the nav) , but when im scroll down I want that he doesnt overlap the other texts, maybe I need some z-index in somewhere ?

Im so stupid, now i added a background-color: #ddd; and now is perfect haha Thank you!!!

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