Landing Page Project - Text appearing above the video?

I’ve tried to look everywhere, even referenced to the sample landing page that is provided as reference in the project requirements . I’m trying to add text after the video but no matter what i try, i can’t get it to display after the video.

Here is the code i’ve been able to write so far -

Any help will be appreciated - pulled my hair out trying to figure this out. It’s probably something simple but i’m new to coding.

By using absolute positioning on the iframe you have taken the iframe out of the normal page flow. Text that comes after the iframe in your HTML will appear after the previous thing that is still in the flow which is your header image.

There are probably better ways to style that video to get the look you want without using absolute positioning. Where do you want the video in relation to the page? Centered? Something else?

Yeah i need it centered - what can i use to center it and display text below it?

Put it in a div that you set margin: 0 auto;

That worked! ThankYou!