Landing project html/css feedback/help

the test pass with the header uncommented but i put it in the comment because i had a problem to size the logo picture ( because it’s big on fixed position will cover most of the page)

and the button inside the flex are uneven and wasn’t able to fix it

any suggestion? thank you for your time

i would fix the buttons by adding different paddings and use “text-align” to center both. Hope it helps.

thank you for your time
my problem was for the “buy now” buttons in the flex boxes
i been able to fix it by adjusting the text inside
so now they are even
but still i don’t know how to fix the buttons by keep the text with different sizes of lenght and have the buttons even

If I am understanding what you want to do correctly, I think you can use flexbox for this, but it will require a small addition to the HTML. Wrap all of the content (the h2 and p) in a div so that you have have two children in the .products div. Now you can use flexbox on the .products div to space the children apart (I’m guessing you would want to use space-between).

thank you for the help

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