Last Week (19) in the FCC Data Science Room (OUTDATED)


This week we continued working on the Survey 2016. @krisgesling made a first final draft of the map for Gender/Ethnicity. Other people in the room showed interest in working some visualizations. @SamAI-Software has been helping to organise the visualizations and hightlighted a few trends from the data. @erictleung is still working a final clean dataset (remember that the current dataset can be used though). @SamAI-Software and me are helping @erictleung with his work.

For those interested in working on the Survey 2016 dataset, please keep checking the repo and this list:

###Quick Details

  • List of Week Contributors: AyanGhatak, qmikew1, SamAI-Software, jacobbogers, profoundhub, ITme2015, jboxman, zcassini, evaristoc, krisgesling, Areef1991, QuincyLarson, erictleung, akash-goswami, koustuvsinha.

  • Announcement:

  • Some HotWords: gender,questions,respondents,podcasts,survey

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