Late starter feeling nervous

Hi everyone, I’d really appreciate some reassurance that an almost 40yo mum-brain can learn some new tricks (at pace!). I’ve enrolled in a foundational software development program at Holberton School Australia and aside from working my way through FCC’s Responsive Web Design (and being “tech-savvy”), I’m pretty green. I’ve been extremely lucky to receive a full scholarship for my studies from a local large corporate and I’m really grateful but also feeling a bit of pressure. I know my success lies with me, but I’d love to hear some encouragement from those who’ve learned software development later in life (or anyone willing to drop me a ‘you can do it’ :slight_smile: )
Thank you!


Hi @Karoline !

Quincy put together a great article about people who got tech jobs in their 30’s , 40’s and 50’s.

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Hi Karoline!

I understand your concern. Congrats on the scholarship, by the way! You know they saw potential in you or they wouldn’t be spending money on you. I’m sure you can do it!

I’m a 55-year-old learner. I ended a 12-year “Mommy break” in 2012. I had to essentially start over again in my career because my experience was stale, but I’ve managed to progress to being a support engineer now, partly thanks to studying here at FCC and other sites.

Awesome!! Thank you.

I’m 35 started learning how to Code on Codecademy in 2013, went back to college for Computer Science in 2019. I’ll be graduating around 39-40 years old. It’s never too late, it’s all according to how hard you are willing to try.

Thank you, Cyn! So great to hear from another mum. The scholarship has been a much-needed confidence booster - it can be so hard to find your feet again after being with the kids. Congratulations on your progress to support engineer and thank you for your encouragement.

Great to hear your journey, rico. Thanks for sharing and your encouragement. Best of luck with graduation and your career beyond that.

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I’m 42 year old and recently shared my experiences here Marko Marinkovic - Alternative web workflows, Vikram Ingleshwar - Manage a productive personal life - YouTube, hope it will help you and others as well

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That was a great talk, Virkam. Thanks for sharing it. I’m particularly keen to try the flashcards to help my busy brain to retain the new info.

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