Layout: #header or one of its children should be at the top of the viewport even after scrolling

Hi everyone!
I new here, I don´t know very well how this works to ask help.
I texted my project and I have one error. I don´t understand why :sunglasses:

the code:

Product Landing Page

Hello colorscodex.

I have moved this topic to the relevant sub-forum.

This project is wanting your header element, and/or nav-bar to be constantly fixed to the top of your page. So, to pass the test, add CSS to your header to make it fixed at the top.

Here is the answer:

``#header { position: fixed; }`

Hope this helps

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I thank you very much for the indication, my English is not very good and I could not see the solution for not understanding. The funny thing is that I learned a few more things.

And the project passed the test!