Learn about Robotics

I am interest in robotics, so far I went through Python fundamentals but I am not sure what should be my next step. Any advice about what I should look into now?

Not my field so I can’t point to any resources I’ve used, sorry. But I would think a good book on robotics with Python is in order. I’m sure there are some good beginner robotics kits out there that would also provide the initial hardware to get started.
One other suggestion might be to take this time to learn some basic C, specifically I’d probably learn Arduino programming. While Python often forms the ‘brain’ of many robotics projects, microcontrollers are what translate sensor data into inputs for the ‘brain’ and translate ‘brain’ outputs into motor movements. I would think this makes learning how to program them pretty important to robotics projects. While you can use Python to program certain microcontrollers (via MicroPython and a few derivatives), to my knowledge C still dominates for this task.

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