Learn Accessibility by Building a Quiz - Step 13

Instruction: Target unordered list elements within nav elements, and use Flexbox to evenly space the children


Sorry, your code does not pass. You’re getting there.


You should use the nav > ul selector.

I could not find the right answer for this task in Accessibility Quiz in Responsive web design.

here is my code:

nav ul {
display: flex;
justify-content: space-between;

Can you provide a link to the challenge

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Try another value for the justify-content property. There’s another value that you can use, that specifically places even spacing between elements :wink:

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As said above the space-between is not coorect for this challenge. If you look up justify-content the you should see other values to use. Also as your hint is telling you, you need to use
" You should use the nav > ul selector."

Ohhh, I see. I got it solved. Thx.

Lesson is that, you gotta use what it is telling you in hint, even though your code gets you the same result.

Yeah, the projects you can do things how you want as long as it meets the requirements, but the challenges need to be exactly what they are telling you

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