Learn Accessibility by Building a Quiz - Step 37

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I am unable to pass this code. It keeps telling me " You should give the first option element a value of "" . I can’t tell what’s wrong with it.

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  <div class="answer">
                <option value"">Select an option</option>
                <option value"yes">Yes</option>
                <option value"no">No</option>

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Learn Accessibility by Building a Quiz - Step 37

This is not how we structure attributes. Check the example below, this is how we do it.

attribute name = "value";

In addition to @stephenmutheu great advice for your value attributes make sure to give your select element an attribute of required.
This attribute unlike the value attribute has no need for a value.

<input type="checkbox" required>

Hope this helps!


Ah! How silly of me, thank you!
However, now I am being told that “You should nest three option elements within the select element.”

This is my new code:

            <div class="answer">
              <select required> 
                <option="">Select an option</option>

Thank you!

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Here you only have the values to the attributes. I do not see the attribute name.


Seems like I have misunderstood what you initially said… I do not understand what you meant by attribute name="value"; can i clarify that my attribute is now the element and the value is the " " “yes” and “no”?

This is the instruction I was given:
Within the first div.answer element, nest one required select element with three option elements.

Give the first option element a value of "", and the text Select an option. Give the second option element a value of yes, and the text Yes. Give the third option element a value of no, and the text No.

We have an attribute called value, and we also have the value to the attribute. It’s confusing I know but check the link below.


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