Learn Accessibility by Building a Quiz - Step 39

Hi, I have a problem with this step. I looked through the forum, but I have div with class answer. It says:

Sorry, your code does not pass. Don’t give up.


You should give the label element a for attribute. ```

Accessibility Quiz


Student Info

D.O.B.(Date of Birth)



The legend element represents a caption for the content of its parent fieldset element
  • True
  • False


A label element nesting an input element is required to have a for attribute with the same value as the input's id
  • True
  • False


Are you a frontend developer?
        <div class="answer">
        <label for="fill">Do you have any questions:</label>
          <textarea rows="5" cols="24" name="fill" id="fill" placeholder="Who is flexbox..."></textarea>


The challenge seed code and/or your solution exceeded the maximum length we can port over from the challenge.

You will need to take an additional step here so the code you wrote presents in an easy to read format.

Please copy/paste all the editor code showing in the challenge from where you just linked.

Replace these two sentences with your copied code.
Please leave the ``` line above and the ``` line below,
because they allow your code to properly format in the post.

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Challenge: Learn Accessibility by Building a Quiz - Step 39

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It’s ok now. I had one closing div more after select.

Hi Jela,

Make sure you don’t edit your code line next time you post.

We are currently seeing your code preview instead of the line of the code.

Glad you’ve resolved your issue. Best of luck on your journey.

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