Learn Accessibility by Building a Quiz - Step 46

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Alguien podria ayudarme, me super perdi en este punto

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Learn Accessibility by Building a Quiz - Step 46

Hello @jh1281267,
Welcome to FCC friendly forum!
I didn’t see the code that you have been working on it!

Hello thank you very much!!

Change the font color of all the anchor elements within the list elements to something with a contrast ratio of at least 7:1.
It asks me to do this:
On the topic of visual accessibility, contrast between elements is a key factor. For example, the contrast between the text and the background of a heading should be at least 4.5:1.

So can yaa so post your updated code!
There we can find your issue and help you!

I am apologize for your misunderstanding,
To post with the code you tried! When you first stuck at that step and try about 3 or more than times to submit you will get Help button!

  1. Please post the URL to the Step. The URL is the web address at the top of your browser
  2. Please post your code. Your code is the stuff you typed into the editor for this Step.
  3. Please talk to us about what you are finding hard about this Step.

I hope you may understand me!

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