Learn Accessibility by Building a Quiz - Step 54

I am at a loss and have been looking at other responses and hints and feel that I am going backwards.

Instructions: " Give the .formrow elements top margin, and left and right padding. The other padding values should be 0. Then, increase the font size for all input elements."

The hint says:" You should use an input selector to target the input elements."

I thought that is what I have with the “.info input” or “.info>input”, but I am missing something.

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.formrow {
  padding: 0 1px ;

.info input{

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Challenge: Learn Accessibility by Building a Quiz - Step 54

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Switch the order for the selector. It should be element.class. So in this case it would be input.info

Hmm, didn’t seem to work for me. I played around with it a bit and I thought the format had to be “.input info” or “.input>info” but switching them around doesn’t seem to be fixing it.

the hint says to use an input selector.
Reminder, that means this:

input {

Thank you the tip helped me out.

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