Learn Accessibility by Building a Quiz - Step 56

I don’t get why this is a problem, or why if it wants this so particularly in an order, the instructions are written themselves out of order. The text-align part is so confusing since I place it in the input and label selector and it says it needs to be before. Where before? Outside a bracket? In one of the previous two? Again instructions are very poor.

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Challenge: Learn Accessibility by Building a Quiz - Step 56

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I’m sorry to report to you that life as a developer is only going to get harder to interpret from here. People who are not developers who hire you will give you horrible, crazy, even stupid, instructions. Your job is to make sense of them.

In this case. the instructions are not in order only. (not unlike real life when people talk in different contexts about what they expect from your work for eg)
Luckily there are some implicit hints to help us here.

If you restart the step you will notice something interesting…
There is a mysterious blank line right at the top of the editor.
This line is where the new code should be written (it took me a bit to figure it out also).
Once the code is correctly written and in this specific spot, then you will be able to pass.

Unfortunately, I cannot see your code right now so the only other thing I can say is:
when you restart, try clicking Check before you do any coding. If you work on one thing at a time given in the hint area, you will literally be guided all the way to the end.


I tried placing it in the space as you suggested, but it still won’t work.

ah, I said to restart step first though.

If you restart, then all the new code is gone.

Then add your new selector (selector, not property) into the empty line…
then try checking for more hints

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