Learn Accessibility by Building a Quiz -- Step 57

" To align the input boxes with each other, create a new ruleset that targets all input and label elements within an .info element and set the display property to inline-block."

Can someone explain why setting the inputs and labels to display: inline-block aligns them to the right? I never would have guessed this as the solution because it doesn’t seem to make sense looking at the specification for what this property does.

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Thank you.

By default, input and label elements are rendered as block-level elements, which means they occupy the entire width of their parent container and appear on separate lines. However, setting the display property to inline-block changes this behavior.

When an element is set to display: inline-block, it behaves like an inline element in that it can appear on the same line as other inline elements.By setting the inputs and labels within the .info element to display: inline-block, they will be treated as inline-level block containers, allowing them to appear next to each other horizontally. This results in the alignment of the input boxes with each other.

What do you mean inline-level block “containers”? And where does the right-justification come from?

I think I understand now. The input and label elements have their width attribute set, and setting their display to inline-block activates these settings which previously had no effect. The right justification of the label elements comes from the text-align: right.

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