Learn Accessibility by Building a Quiz - Step 62

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I’m sorry, but what in the world is going on with this exact lesson?
Not only it expects us to use a ton of unintroduces operators, aggressively prohibits usage of shorthand declaration demanding 4 lines of code to declare a padding, prohibits usage of descendant selectors in favor of third child selectors, lazily tells to copypaste styling, but now it won’t accept a element selector?


Sorry, your code does not pass. Don’t give up.


You should use the button element selector.

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button {
display: block;
margin: 40px auto;
width: 40%;
padding: 15px;
font-size: 23px;
background: #d0d0d5;
border: 3px solid #3b3b4f;

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User Agent is: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64; rv:109.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/111.0

Challenge: Learn Accessibility by Building a Quiz - Step 62

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To learn programming:

you must introduce yourself to code, this means using outside sources, such as asking for help :smiley:

here is a website I love to use when freeCodeCamp introduces me to a new tag, or I’m exploring techniques I’m still learning:

W3Schools Online Web Tutorials

learning to code is NOT memorising code.
the skills you will use most are:

  • investigating a problem by breaking it into smaller chunks
  • researching ways to solve the problem
  • trial and error
  • trouble shooting eg, isolating code, using a debugger
  • forming a question

that last one is really hard at the beginning, first you need to consider:

what you think the problem really is,
state what you expect to happen,
what’s happening,
what you have tried to solve the issue,
where you have looked for solutions

learning is hard, if it isn’t challenging you then your not learning.

unfortunately this can cause more stress than is healthy,
especially at the start.
Sometimes it really is about trusting the process. I know it can be hard when you don’t see immediate progress, we all have doubts occasionally.
(I advise reading other ppls experiences with learning code)

some of the lessons are very specific,
I’d say they do not aim to teach “code” but aim to introduce you to it
and show you issues, tricks and concepts you might not know of, as well as repeat what has already been shown.

later you will do your own projects, these will be where you learn the most.

your solution passed for me after copy and pasting it in as the answer :confused:

To learn programming:

Do you think a person behind this lesson could benefit from learning this?

On topic, though, the correct solution doesn’t seem to work only on Firefox for some reason.
It is an extremely frustrating issue right at the end of already problematic lesson by itself.

well what is it asking you to do?

Just the thing I was doing.
As I said, I got back and tried a different browser and it worked.

Last thing I expected is these courses not working properly on Firefox.

i do not understand what you were trying to do? it may be helpful to include the task freecodecamp is asking from you

yeah fcc has a lot of issues with firefox idk why

I think the problem your having is not what your saying it is.
as I said earlier, it can be hard to form a question.

I think your question is more along the lines of:
why does freeCodeCamp have compatibility issues with Firefox?

If this is your question, its not an html only question. but a general one.
asking this question in “general” would likely get you the answers your looking for.
(remember, even when frustrated be polite to others when asking for help)

as for your earlier question.
yes and no.
one lesson will not teach you programming.
however there are many ppl, myself included that find freeCodeCamp to be successful in their teaching methods.

its a process, and a process takes time.
your not going to learn everything all at once.

If you manage to continue with freeCodeCamp I believe you will learn to programme. The beginning is often the hardest part of learning any new skill.
as I said before:

(If for any reason you cant carry on with freeCodeCamp, consider searching for another place to learn.
Sometimes your hardware/software isn’t compatible, or the teaching style doesn’t suit you. Trying out other things can be a great way to know what works for you.
If your using linux or a macbook you might try TheOdinPoject.)

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I definitely had the same exact issue using Chrome. I opened the lesson in Edge, the step was gone. Typed “button” and it turned blue right away. I’m so glad I found this. Was extremely frustrating.

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