Learn Advanced Array Methods by Building a Statistics Calculator - Step 46

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I passed the step but I’m curious, why are they written like that:
$x^{1/n}$ and $variance^{1/2}$


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Math.pow(base, exponent)


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Learn Advanced Array Methods by Building a Statistics Calculator - Step 46

That’s MathJax not working! It’s going to be fixed with next deployment, thank you for reporting

i already passed step 46 but now it’s not marked and I can’t see the the instruction and “check your code button”

is it because it’s being updated?

clear local storage and cache for freeCodeCamp and reload the page, you will need to log in again but you should have the instructions back

I passed but used a simplified version… Math.pow(variance, 1/2);
no idea why the extra mumbo jumbos :sweat_smile:

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It’s instruction like this that piss me off the most. I understand you don’t spoon feed people the answers but you have to at least give them information that is undoubtedly related to the lesson. The regex examples serve no damn purpose. lol.

Those aren’t regexes.
There is a known issue where the the examples are not rendering correctly.
That is what @ilenia was referring to MathJax not working correctly

It supposed to look like this


Let’s hope it get’s fixed or at the very least put a disclaimer about it in italics.

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It looks like a fix was just merged in here

That should work.

When the site is deployed next, then it should show correctly in the directions.

If for some reason the issue persists, then the directions can be rewritten to use <sup> HTML elements instead :+1: