Learn Algorithm Design by Building a Shortest Path Algorithm - Step 21

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my_graph = {
    'A': [('B', 3), ('D', 1)],
    'B': [('A', 3), ('C', 4)],
    'C': [('B', 4), ('D', 7)],
    'D': [('A', 1), ('C', 7)]

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def shortest_path(graph, start):
    unvisited = []
    for node in graph:
        unvisited.append('A', 'B', 'C', 'D')

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Learn Algorithm Design by Building a Shortest Path Algorithm - Step 21

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Hello ayshabashir55, welcome to the forum!

So you made a for loop, and you are appending things to the unvisted list.
But what you are supposed to add to the list, is each node that you are looping through in the graph. Nothice how you wrote for node in graph: the node part is each node in the current iteration. That is what you have to add.

its work! Thank you for helping

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