Learn API & Consume it

Hi Folks,
I’m new to this part I’m trying to be front end developer and i reach this part to learn what API is and how to consume it , use the data for front end.
I’m Kinda lost in this section i need some help and guidance how to start and understand this part.

Thank you

1 - Understand what an API is. It’s a broad concept but applied to web development it’s basically a web service that allows you to interact with a server via HTTP requests (GET, POST, PUT, PATCH, DELETE, etc) in order to send, update, delete and retrieve data or trigger something inside that server.

2- Learn what JSON is and how to paint it on your console or web page.

3- Search how to make HTTP calls from javascript either using the modern fetch API, axios, or jquery’s getJSON method. Or if you’re feeling bold, the old way of raw XHR requests.

4- A little bit of knowledge about the HTTP protocol, content types, status codes and JS promises will help a lot.


Thank you so much :slight_smile:
i will follow these steps it’s really helpful