Learn Bash by Building a Boilerplate - build-a-boilerplate - rmdir

Try to remove the images folder again with rmdir . Make sure it’s the one in the website folder.
cd website
rmdir images
Still cant finish i dont know why?
What to do?

I think this is a super boring test. Many commands can be done directly in batches, so it’s not a waste of time at all (I also spent 20-30 minutes on the first level). For example, clear can be replaced by Ctrl + L , but it’s still not counted as passing. Even if you don’t know these instructions, you can Google them. So if you can’t pass the level, it’s fastest to reset directly - don’t waste your time.

I did it.
I remove folder in folder “images”
~/project/website/images$ rm website

And then the command worked
~/project/website$ rmdir images