Learn Bash by Building a Boilerplate - Build a Boilerplate

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It is not working at all. after writing correct code, it is unable to verify the answers so unable to move to the next step.
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Challenge: Learn Bash by Building a Boilerplate - Build a Boilerplate

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Did you click the Run button?

I tried that also, getting warning of test should pass. i don’t know what’s wrong here. after 1 week also, it is not working. i have checked on 2 different laptops.

Are you in the webside folder?

Yes, in website folder also, it still doesn’t work.

when in website folder, it is not working.

clicked on run also, it is not working.

Let’s try:
do a reset,
enter again in terminal:

then enter in terminal;:
enter " Run ".
And let see what you have inside the website. Open the menu:

after reset, i have tried as suggested, problem still exists.

What do you have under .gitignore?

There is nothing inside .gitignore file

I honestly don’t see how it can be solved.
Too bad you got this far with the project and can’t continue.
The last solution is to restart the project from scratch.
I don’t understand why the command " cd ~/project/website " is not possible and you have to type " cd… ".
However, enter “ls” in the terminal to list the contents of the folder.

Re attempting to the course is not a problem, if it gets stuck again like this.

anyways thanks for your support. Really appreciate it.

I’m sorry. I’m here, like you, to learn.
Many projects, many times, I restarted it from scratch and in the end I solved them.
You have to try, again to try, study, ask others, don’t give up.
It is important that others have patience with you and help you with their experience.