Learn Bash by Building a Boilerplate

Hello everyone,

Could you tell me why this code can’t run? Please, thank you.

" Wait. You don’t need to recreate them. You can just move the other images here. Go back to the website folder from here. It’s three folder back."

What code - it looks like your command did run. Maybe check the hints?

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My code is “cd ~/project/website/client/assets/images”. And it didn’t run. Yes, I checked the hint already.

You mean the tests didn’t run? If so, try the two things here - exiting the terminal and opening a new, that may work - if not, reset the step, exit the terminal, and open a new one.

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I think this step wants you to “go back to the website” directory which means you need to run cd ../../..

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Thank you. It worked.

  1. cd ~/project/website/client/assets/images”.
  2. cd …/…/…
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