Learn Bash Scripting by Building Five Programs - Build Five Programs / Fortune Teller

Hello everyone.

I passed all the tests for the fourth Bash program, fortune.sh, and could continue onwards. However, I don’t actually understand why it is working :slight_smile: Any help could be great.

What I don’t understand is why does the code still work even though I call the function before the until loop. I thought it would then have the issue we had earlier in the lesson, where it wouldn’t check that the question asked has a question mark at the end.


# Program to tell a persons fortune

echo -e "\n~~ Fortune Teller ~~\n"

RESPONSES=("Yes" "No" "Maybe" "Outlook good" "Don't count on it" "Ask again later")
N=$(( RANDOM % 6 ))

function GET_FORTUNE() {
  if [[ ! $1 ]]
    echo Ask a yes or no question:
    echo Try again. Make sure it ends with a question mark:



until [[ $QUESTION =~ \?$ ]]

echo -e "\n$RESPONSES[$N]"

Link to the challenge:

Well there I go again understanding the question after asking it. I see now that the $RESPONSE is at the end, not in the function itself. Hence why using “until” works in this case.

Try investing in a rubber duck. (that’s what they give first year computer science students at Harvard). You are meant to talk to the duck/toy and that will help you work out solutions to problems. (or you can post here. Either way)