Learn Bash Scripting by Building Five Programs - Build Five Programs

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Despite finishing the course with CodeRoad’s interface there is no completition mark on freeCodeCamp.

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I finished all tutorial and get this info at the end:
" Congratulations on completing “Learn Bash Scripting by Building Five Programs”!

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Challenge: Learn Bash Scripting by Building Five Programs - Build Five Programs

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have you checked the troubleshooting section in the pinned post?

I did.
Didn’t work out.

maybe explain a bit more? For eg, which steps did you try? (there are multiple ones)

Refreshing page - don’t work.
Turning all browser add-ons - don’t work.
Reloading project - don’t work.

When i click “Continue” button at last step of tutorial it doesn’t make any action.

how about this final step in the troubleshooting

Still no check mark?

Your user token is used to save your progress. As a security measure, we delete them when you sign out of freeCodeCamp. A new token is created again when you open up one of the projects, but existing VM’s still have the old token until it shuts itself down. Open up a different project to shut down your running VM. Then go open the old project back up; the container should now have your new token. If you finished the project, it should take you right to the screen in the image above. Press that continue button to submit the project again. If this is the issue, it should now be saved and show up the next time you refresh your freeCodeCamp page.