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I have done all the 220 challenges of the Five Programs section. The tutorial window says that its completed and telling me to open a new workspace or switch tutorials. But when I go to my curriculum, the Five Programs section isnt checkmarked telling me its not complete.

I have tried relogging-in, changing browser sessions, clicking “Open new workspace” to hopefully make the progress update, soft resetting the project from project options

Please tell me what’s wrong? Is this a bug?

There are a couple of things from this post (pinned to the top of the Relational Databases Certification menu) which you could try, which should hopefully resolve this:

  1. Load the course and click ‘Continue’ on the course completion message.
  2. Click on the freeCodeCamp banner at the top of the screen, to take you back to the curriculum main page.
  3. Click through to the Relational Database curriculum and then refresh the page.

If that doesn’t work, you can try generating a new user token by loading up a new Relational Database course and then exit and repeat the steps above.

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