Learn Bash Scripting by Building Five Programs - Build Five Programs

**Where to submit the gitHub repository url for the completed lesson **
I have completed the bash script lesson. Initially there is a blank space in the curriculum webpage to submit the url. Now there is nothing there so how and where to submit the url?


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Challenge: Learn Bash Scripting by Building Five Programs - Build Five Programs

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This is not a project so you don’t need to submit anything

Ok. Thanks. But how to get the tick mark for this lesson in the curriculum page?

Where can I find more about javascript tutorial?

In the relational database course page, if you look at the very top of the page you will see there is a message there with a link. That link contains a list which includes troubleshooting steps that answer your question.

The JavaScript tutorial is linked from the main curriculum page. What do you want to know about it?

I still don’t get the tick mark on the curriculum page for this project no matter how many times I clicked on the continue button when the tutorial is ended. I have also refresh the curriculum page many times but there is still no check mark for this project.

I need to redo the program or just leave it?

Have you checked the steps in the troubleshooting section yet?

Yes. All done.
I have even uploaded a repository of this project in my gitHub. This is the link five_programs_built_from_bash_script/program_script at main · rosaforrestiana/five_programs_built_from_bash_script · GitHub

Now the program CodeRun Start refused to load.

The next project already have a check mark. I think there is something wrong with the project program.

i’m confused by your response(s).
I think you were asking before about how to get the relation db course page to show a checkmark next to the course you just completed (the one called Learn Bask By Building Five Programs).

Have you solved this yet?
(I posted the pinned post for you to look through as it describes what to do for this)

Yes. Initially the project on building Mario_database has no tick or check mark in the curriculum page but the issue resolved by itself.

Now the project on building 5 programs with bash script also doesn’t have a tick or check mark in the curriculum page

Already tried many times refreshing the curriculum page as instructed by the troubleshoot info that you have informed me but still there is no response.

Okay I would just move on then if you already finished the course. The tick mark can only be seen by you and doesn’t affect your ability to get a certificate.

Thank you very much. By the way, I need those tutorial files in the CodeAlley VMS system because I want to refer back what I had learned.

the files are available on github via the freecodecamp repository.
Which ones do you want?

Ok,thanks for the info. I can find the file myself.

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