Learn-basic-css-by-building-a-cafe-menu step 12

I already know css pretty well and there is no way this is wrong , i read another forum post on this same subject and , dark mode , resetting, refreshing the page i’ve tried everything and am stuck at this glitch ? have no idea what to do ?

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Hello @raves240 !
Your code here looks ok, maybe the problem might be in other sections of your code, can you share your code instead of a screenshot?


how do i do that on the forum because it just shows the result , from the message box?

looks like he should put a period in front of every selector

LOL there are no other elements with class attribute’s so why?

Step1: Use incognito or different browser with no previous freecodecamp history
Step2: Do not log in just copy the link for step 12
Step3: Start coding the CSS part but instead of h2 as seen in picture try section as selector
Step4: It will throw an error, so remove section and type h2 now
Step5: Again hit “Check your code”
Step6: Now it will show Success and login option
Step7: Login and save the project success
A bit of hard work for a small task

Yea you should simply turn off all of your extensions in your browser, reload the page, click check your code, it works, then re enable all of your extensions.

If I had to guess why this happens, is the extensions mess with the code in the page, so when the test checks your code, it isn’t what they decided is correct.

It happened to me too, I solved it by disabling extensions like AddBlock and Dark Reader.
I hope they fix this issue soon :c