Learn Basic CSS by Building a Cafe Menu step 13 shows on the editor without the instructions, submission button etc

It’s a known bug. Try clearing your browser cache and doing a forced stop.

Did you Mean doing this in my device setting for the browser?

Meanwhile I have been able to finish all all the steps in this project but counts as 98% done perhaps step 13 is the remaining 2%.

It’s OK if you don’t officially complete step 13. It will not prevent you from getting the certification for the course.

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It means I can proceed to the next project, right?

Yes, you can go to the next project.

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Meanwhile, I don’t know the correct way to do step 13 as at then till now.
Please kindly put me through on this.

Also, Please tell me the best editor I can use on my Android phone for more personal offline practice. Thanks

Step 58 is basically the same thing as step 13. You said you completed all of the other steps. So if you completed step 58 and understand it then you should be able to complete step 13.

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Then I will refer back to it. Thanks for your cute response.

I need response to this, everyone.

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