Learn Basic CSS by Building a Cafe Menu - Step 3

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Step 3

The title is one of several elements that provide extra information not visible on the web page, but it is useful for search engines or how the page gets displayed.

Inside the head element, nest a meta element with an attribute named charset set to the value utf-8 to tell the browser how to encode characters for the page. Note that meta elements are self-closing.

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang="en">

<!-- User Editable Region -->

  <head meta charset="utf-8">
    <title>Cafe Menu</title>

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Challenge: Learn Basic CSS by Building a Cafe Menu - Step 3

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Hey Aastha, Do you have a particular question about this challenge?
The more info you provide, the easier it would be for others to help you.

I had already given the step that what it is asking I am not getting right .

Whenever you face a challenge, always look at the hints that show up right beneath the steps.

As the hint says, you’re supposed to add a meta tag inside of the head tag.


The tags you add inside the head tag would not be shown to the user. They are only supposed to be used by the browsers and sites like google which “rank” your webpage.

meta tags allow you to pass in important information about the webpage you’re creating to your browser. information like the character set, the title and description that would show up when you search your website on google, for example:

All of the above information is added via the meta tags.

if you want to learn more about the meta tag, here’s an article that can help you do that.

Hope this helps! :smile:

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