Learn Basic JavaScript by Building a Role Playing Game - Step 117

bit of condused here on what do next

Step 117

Now you can build the attack function. First, update the text message to say "The <monster name> attacks.", replacing <monster name> with the name of the monster. Remember you can use the concatenation operator for this.

my code : function attack() {
text.innerText("The "+monsters.name())

solution saying : You should assign the string The to innerText property of text .


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Learn Basic JavaScript by Building a Role Playing Game - Step 117

Hi! Update the text using assignment operator which is =
And then you should add the value of monsters[fighting].name to the The string.

not working

Remove the brackets and use the assignment operator to update the text, aslo add spaces before and after +

text.innerText should be equal to the string and also dont forget to add + sign and put “.” in the end . Hope it will clear your problem.

Hi , you are missing the attacks and also add a string by concatenating the name with the rest of the message for example " attacks."
Also , from your code i see you are missing the "= " on line 3 like this
text.innerText =
Hope this helps.