Learn Basic OOP by Building a Shopping Cart - Step 23

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Hey everyone, I’m curious if anyone has successfully completed step 23 of the shopping cart exercise. It involves updating the totalCountPerProduct object using the ID of the current dessert. Any insights or solutions would be greatly appreciated!

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  addItem(id, products) {
    const product = products.find((item) => item.id === id);
    const { name, price } = product;

    const totalCountPerProduct = {};
    this.items.forEach((dessert) => {
      totalCountPerProduct[dessert.id] = (totalCountPerProduct[dessert.id] || 0)

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Learn Basic OOP by Building a Shopping Cart - Step 23

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The answer is simply to add 1 to the current value of the property totalCountPerProduct[dessert.id] and assign it to totalCountPerProduct[dessert.id] so it is basically incrementing the value of this property by one

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