Learn Basic OOP by Building a Shopping Cart - Step 27

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Can you explain what you are asking for in a different way?

The language of ‘undefined’ for truthy and falsey is confusing me.

I can’t tell if you want me to use a method to check if the object has the product already or if you want me to use some other stylistic convention. Please help.

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<!-- file: index.html -->

/* file: styles.css */

/* file: script.js */
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  addItem(id, products) {
    const product = products.find((item) => item.id === id);
    const { name, price } = product;

    const totalCountPerProduct = {};
    this.items.forEach((dessert) => {
      totalCountPerProduct[dessert.id] = (totalCountPerProduct[dessert.id] || 0) + 1;

    const currentProductCount = totalCountPerProduct[product.id];
    const currentProductCountSpan = document.getElementById(`product-count-for-id${id}`);


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Learn Basic OOP by Building a Shopping Cart - Step 27

The instructions said to “create a ternary” and use undefined in place of the truthy and falsy parts.

Ternery expression is something like this
condition ? exprIfTrue : exprIfFalse

It’s a shorthand way of writing a conditional statement. If you’ve forgotten it you can google “how to write a js ternary” and should see some examples to jog your memory.

P.s. the step also highlighted the word undefined so they literally are asking you to write that word in place of the truthy and falsy parts of the ternary statement.