Learn Basic String and Array Methods by Building a Music Player - Step 25 is having and issue

The test for step 25 of the above mentioned project seem to fail. I have placed the else {} block in the right place yet it fails

Hi @Chukason29

I gave it a try myself and it worked for me. Can you provide your code snippet so that we can debug what is going wrong for you ?

Hi @Chukason29

While you have added the else in the correct place, inside the else you also have to set the currentTime property of the audio object to the value stored in userData.songCurrentTime as mentioned in the instructions.

Once you have done that the test will surely pass.

Hello @strawHat121 … I’ve done that, still not working


It seems like the test also checks for coding practices apart from the solution.

So if you give a space between else and {, then it will work.