Learn Basic String and Array Methods by Building a Music Player - Step 59

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Step 59

Use the setAttribute method on the playButton element to set an attribute named aria-label. For the value, use a ternary to set song?.title to Play ${song.title} or "Play" if there’s no song.title available.

Don’t forget you need template interpolation here, so you need to use backticks.

I cannot think any resolution. Please, help.

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const setPlayButtonAccessibleText = () => {
const song = userData?.currentSong || userData?.songs[0];
playButton.setAttribute(“aria-label”, song?.title ? Play ${song.title} : Play);


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Learn Basic String and Array Methods by Building a Music Player - Step 59

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You might be affected by the bug that’s present in test on this step. Make sure the Play in the else of the ternary operator is within double quotes.


Still nothing.
playButton.setAttribute(“aria-label”, song?.title ? Play ${song.title} : "Play");

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There is an issue in this lesson. The suggestions are also wrong, it says to use a back slash \ but that does not work.

My answer:

  playButton.setAttribute("aria-label", `song?.title ? \`Play ${song.title}` : "Play"`);

The suggestion(is wrong) :

 song?.title ? \Play ${song.title}` : "Play"`

The Correct way:

  playButton.setAttribute("aria-label", song?.title ? `Play ${song.title}` : "Play");

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