"learn basinc HTML5..." is broken. Wont let me continue even though i did exactly what it asked

The challenge is to create a #footer element and link it to a part in the page. Ive done it correctly multiple times and the reasons its giving me for being wrong are not wrong, and I cant continue.

Hello Amacarthur.

You have a typo on the last line of the code in the picture you posted.

For future forum posts, remember you can use the Get Help button on the lessons to ask for help with a correctly formatted post.

Here is the answer for line 13

<footer id="footer">Copyright Cat Photo App</footer>

I hope this helps

Here is another hint, is it a <h2> or a <footer> you are making?

the tips section says it should he h2

no, there it is showing an example using an h2 element
here you are asked to link to a footer element

yeah this one works, thanks much, please explain how this work. TIA