Learn Conversation Starters in the Break Room - Task 127

Hi! Does anyone know how to claim certificate for the completed course? Thanks in advance!

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Learn Conversation Starters in the Break Room - Task 127

go to settings and click on claim certificate. You may need to update your profile to public if it is presently in private. Let us know if you have any other challenge.

Thank you for your advice.
Unfortunately, changing profile to public did not solve the problem. The topic I’ve completed is not listed…is there any other way you can help?

Hey, @Grafiii ! Unfortunately, the course is not yet completed. Right now, the A2 English for Developers course is in beta. What you have at the platform at the moment are the first 3 blocks out of a planned total of 27 plus an exam at the end. The certifications will be available after the person completes the course and takes the final exam.

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Thank you for your brief explanation @danielrosa ! I really appreciate this.