Learn CSS By Building A City Skyline - Step 60

.bb3 {
  width: 10%;
  height: 55%;
  background: repeating-linear-gradient(
    var(--building-color3) 0%,
    var(--building-color3) 7.5%,
    var(--window-color3) 15%

pls help i dnt know whats wrong but im confidence that im correct in my code here but it keeps saying “You should use --building-color3 for the first two colors.”

Hi @Scorpyyy,

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Can you please provide a link to the challenge? This way we can help you better.

If you’ve tried it a few times, you’ll see a Help button on the challenge, and when you use that, it will link directly to the challenge, automatically have the code you tried, and some other helpful information.


im not sure if this is the link but i just copy it Link to the challenge:

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I see what happened here. They explain in the original challenge text that the values will default to certain values if they are omitted and you set a disttance for the last color.

All they want you to do here is to omit those first two distance values (0% and 7.5%) on the first two properties so that they will be determined automatically when you set the 15% value.


thankyou! sorry for late reply, i’ve just remove the 0% and 7.5% and keep the 15%… it worked :smile:

I love to hear it, Scorpyyy! Happy coding! =]

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