Learn CSS Colors by Building a set of colored markers, Step 81

Hello how are you? It’s my first time posting on here. :slight_smile: I was going to ask a question about the course to ChatGPT but it’s down, so maybe one of you knows? I finished this entire module so can’t look at exactly how the course explained it, so I’ll just paste here what I was going to ask ChatGPT:
In this step we’re learning how to create markers from codes… And for this step, we were told to set a black border to our image by using the border-left-color property and setting it to black. And we were told borders would set themselves to black by default anyway, but that it was best to set this border property to black so this black color would be more ‘readable’. What do they mean by ‘readable’ though? Would the black look ‘less black’ on our browsers if we don’t specifically set the border property to black, or does ‘readable’ relate to accessibility, and to readers for the blind, for instance, being able to say ‘This is black’ when we set the border property to black, and not being able to say it if we don’t? I hope I make sense. Thanks!

Not the color, but the code:

“But to make your code more readable, it’s better to set the border color explicitly.”

In other words, don’t rely on default values. Explicitly state what you want the color to be so that other people (or even you later on) looking at your code know exactly what you intended instead of having to guess whether you wanted the default or you just forgot to set it.

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Ah OK, I’d copied that wrong! Thank you so much, particularly as ChatGPT not having access to the course, it couldn’t have answered that one (I keep being confused by things I learned in Maths class in Secondary School that feel quite different when this Maths is applied to IT, and since I was never too good at Science, I much prefer asking an AI my basic Maths questions as robots are patient ‘people’, more patient than human beings can be, sometimes, with my fabulous Science level! ) Thank you so much! :slight_smile:

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