Learn CSS Grid by Building a Magazine - Step 58

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I keep getting the same hint - that my selector isn’t accurate. The selector they are asking for is the one I have. I’ve even just copied and pasted it and it didn’t work. ANy help would be appreciated

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``.first-paragraph::first-letter {
font-size: 6rem;
color: orangered;

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**Challenge:** Learn CSS Grid by Building a Magazine - Step 58

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You have a double colon.

Hello - that is how they are telling me to put it in there. The double-colon is to show a pseudo-selector I think. I’m not sure how to screenshot here . Thank you though! I appreciate you responding

*``*is this part of your code or did it get formatted?

That got formatted. It’s required for the coding to show up here I think

Here is the step instructions - maybe I’m just missing something. I’m so sorry -

Step 58

The ::first-letter pseudo-selector allows you to target the first letter in the text content of an element.

Create a .first-paragraph::first-letter selector and set the font-size property to 6rem. Also give it a color property set to orangered to make it stand out.

Oh. So I’m sorry then but I cant help you solve this issue as I have copied and pasted your code but no error accord to me so I don’t know what’s wrong with your code. good luck in solving this issue…

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Thank you!! I do appreciate you trying to help :slight_smile:

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