Learn CSS 'Hacks' or skip to grid?

Hi guys, I’m just starting out and I’ve been having difficulties learning how to effectively use CSS, I recently learned about grid and was wondering if anyone had any input on whether a beginner should go through the motions of learning float and negative margins and other css hacks when grid is now an option.

I think you should spend the time.

CSS support is not universal, and IRL you will need to know the basics so that if Grid is not available in your setting you can get along without it.

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Reason 1: if you get a job utilizing your front-end skill you will, without question, at some point be tasked with going through someone else’s god-awful attempts at html/css. It’s worth having the knowledge of why something was tried if you are required to maintain rather than recode a problem.


You could skip it honestly, I use flexbox for everything.

.old_style {
    /* float: right; */
    display: flex;
    justify-content: flex-end;

As a courtesy you could comment out their old stuff and put in the new.