Learn CSS Variables by Building a City Skyline - Step 78

**need help. I am getting the following message with my code:

You should add a repeating-linear-gradient with a first color of --building-color4 from 0% to 10%:**

  width: 100%;
  height: 80%;
  background: repeating-linear-gradient(
      var(--building-color4) 10%,
      transparent 10%,
      transparent 15%

      var(--building-color4) 0%,
      var(--building-color4) 10%,
      var(--window-color4) 10%,
      var(--window-color4) 90%

Challenge: Learn CSS Variables by Building a City Skyline - Step 78

Link to the challenge:


I am seeing the mistake but here we usually give hints not solutions so this is what I am gonna do. Do exactly what you’ve been told to. Your code is not really the problem but you didn’t not followed the instruction 100%.
Last hint: Nothing to add to your code, just something you have to remove. (Maybe a symbol, maybe a line :wink:) .

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Thank you! :slight_smile:

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luckily, in real world you wont have such problems when it comes to css.
it’s way more laxed than on FCC, where single space costs you passing.


Glad to hear that.
You are welcome ! :slightly_smiling_face:

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