Learn Form Validation by Building a Calorie Counter - Step 37

Tell us what’s happening: Instructions have too much wordiness. Hours later still stuck on step 37; one line of code. I don’t understand where to begin. Even Chat GBT can’t understand what’s going on. I’m getting an error You should use concatenation to add entryDropdown.value after your # string". Guess what, I apply concatenation and get another error.

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function addEntry() {

var entryValue = entryDropdown.value;

var targetId = “#” + entryValue;



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Learn Form Validation by Building a Calorie Counter - Step 37

This is the sentence to focus on

Use concatenation to add a # to the beginning of the value property of entryDropdown, and assign that result to a targetId variable.

You shouldn’t be using var - its a legacy feature of JavaScript. Use let or const.

The test isn’t recognizing what you’re doing because you created an intermediate variable. Declare only the variable targetId and put everything on one line.

I’ve tried everything for hours. Nothing worked. What do you expect a zero-knowledge beginner to do? Thank you for the assistance. It’s much appreciated.

FINALLY! Solved it. Jeez, hours on one line of code.

Honestly, we expect beginners to need help, so we created this forum and included links to the form in every step :wink: